Sports Awards

The Sports Awards look to recognise and celebrate sporting achievements of individuals, teams, clubs, volunteers and coaches over the past 12 months in Sutton Coldfield. The original Sports Personality Awards, which dated back to 1972, ceased in 2004 however after the formation of the Sutton Coldfield CSPAN in 2008, the group was able to relaunch the awards in a completely new and revitalised format in 2010.


The  aim is regardless of age, gender or physical disability, whether they are an individual, team member, coach or volunteer, to give everyone the opportunity to receive credit for their achievements and the chance to proudly hold a sports award.

Sutton Coldfield CSPAN

The Sutton Coldfield Community Sport and Physical Activity Network (CSPAN) brings together clubs and partners with an interest in sport and active recreation, to work together to increase participation within the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield.


It aims to represent the interests of sport clubs and physical activity providers and participants in building a strong sporting infrastructure and a vibrant active and sporting community, to provide a communication channel to assist the promotion of sport clubs and physical activity providers to local participants and celebrate the sporting activities within Sutton Coldfield by organising an annual Sports Awards event.